Exporting from Blender

Hi, i’m totally new to programming, and only recently i started studying for Unreal Engine. Unfortunately i’ve noticed that even for trying stuff with the engine, a lot of contents are required, so i decided to learn 3d modelling first (blender). My idea is to simply creating a fps game for training with graph nodes (not c++ now), but i don’t know what exactly do with the hands in blender. I mean, i can make the hands, but i don’t know then how to exactly import them into blender. Are they gonna be static meshes? Or are animations required for stuff like weapon switch? Do i have to make a pair of hand with not gun, one with a certain gun and etc… or do i have to make hands and guns separately? I know it’s a tricky question, but i don’t exaclty know either what am i asking. Thanks aniway.

P.S. forgive my english please!!

You would create a skeleton mesh and lots of animations. I would recommend to take a look at the first person template (for the arms) as well on the third person template (for other players and NPCs). You need both (or at least third person anims) if you create an FPS. Download the free “Anim Starter Pack” from market place to get a clue what you would need. There is even a “Shooter Game” example in the “Learn” tab from Epic games including first person, third person and AI (lots of stuff done in C++ but anims are AnimBPs like in the blueprint only project templates).

Ok man, thanks a lot. I’ll try my best.

make the hands and guns separately… there are different ways to attach the guns (by ue4 bone or by blender skeleton etc) so spend a few days watching u tube and let things settle in… the method you choose will define how you will build them (separate from skeleton or parented to skeleton)