Exporting FBX to UE4 error flipped normals

Ok, so I’ve been using TS Tools and the regular FBX exporter in max and I’ve had consistent issues importing assets that are the wrong size or the faces are inverted. I found ways to work around this issue except it will always creep back.

Things I’ve done to solves this:

Rest x Form
checked Unit size (Centimeters)
Reset Transform and Scale

I have no idea whats wrong or why its so difficult importing assets into unreal, any help please!


You need to “Flip” the faces of your mesh in the “Edit Poly”.

To see what face need to be flipped, select all the faces and look the red color it’s showing off.
A light red is ok, a dark red is not.

here’s an image to illustrate your problem :


Problem resolved! thank you so much!