Exporting FBX from Blender into UE4 causes root bone to scale to 100

This problem has been around for 5 years now. I really wish it would get fixed once and for all. Has anyone found a work around for it? (Blender 2.82a – UE4 4.24.3)

It’s not an error, it’s you that’s not set the correct scale within blender.
Go to the Scene settings, change the unit system to Metric, set the Unit Scale to .01

Scale up your content by the same amount if you want to keep it the same size, then export.

Been there. Done that. It failed. After some hair pulling I found that if you scale the armature and the mesh so that it’s in centimeters, leave the blender scale to 1 and set to no units, then import into UE4 with the uniform scale set to 0.01, it actually works. Good grief.

This can possibly cause other problems later with static lightning. Start the next Blender project with unit scale of 0.01 (before you create the armature). No problems with that so far.