Exporting camera alignment to Blender


I was hoping to export camera alignment and corresponding undistorted images from Reality Capture to Blender. My goal was to allow further mesh editing and texture projection in Blender. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get this to work correctly.

After the reconstruction step succeeds, I select the reconstructed mesh and then go to RECONSTRUCTION > Export > Mesh. I choose the FBX format and use the following export settings:


The most important points are:

  • Export cameras > True
  • Fit > Inner region
  • Resolution > Fit
  • Undistort principal point > False

I then open Blender 2.80 and import the generated fbx file. I can see that the reconstructed mesh and its texture have been correctly exported, and that all aligned cameras are present and seem to have the correct position and orientation.

To notice the issue, I proceed as follows:

  • select one camera
  • go to Properties tab > Context > Background Images > Add Image, and open the corresponding undistorted image.
  • in the viewport, select the “Wireframe” viewport shading method and click “Toggle the camera view”.

At this point, I can see that the background image and the wireframe mesh are slightly off, and that the camera object in Blender doesn’t seem to have the same aspect ratio as the undistorted image.

Does anybody have any recommendations as to how to properly setup this kind of workflow?

Many thanks,

Hello Julien,

during export from RealityCapture use the same settings but also set Undistort Principal Point to True.

In Blender after you add the background image go to Output and match the resolution to the ressolution of the background image.

I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly.

Thanks for your help!

Hi and thanks for the detailed description of your settings and also the solution, but i can not manage to solve this on my end. I am using your settings, but Blender cameras always do only show a smaller crop than the original image. If i compensate by adjusting the focal length, that would. not be enough - i would end up adjusting offsets as well.


edit: also i seem to not have the export option “undistorted images”

Hi Damy, some time ago I created a video tutorial about this topic. You can follow along each step. Here is the link:


Could you send a screenshot of the export options you have available?