Exporting blueprint code as plugin or similar portability?

I was wondering if you can export blueprint code and use it as a plugin? or something similar, so lets say you make some BP code that can be universally used in any game you have like a time system, I want to use it in other projects without migrating it to that project, just a standalone plugin that can be used in any UE4 Project, is that possible to to without using the migrate feature?

Yes. Create a content-only plugin in the plugin window, then in the content browser you click on the eye icon at the bottom and enable “show plugin content” to make the plugin content folder show up in the tree view. Just create blueprints, materials and whatever else you want to share across projects there.

Great! thank you, so to use it in another project i just find the folder the plugin is in and move the plugin to my other project? or move the plugin to my desktop and import the plugin?