Exporting Archviz Scene.

Hi, I am a beginner with all this so please bear with me. I have finished an Archviz scene in Ue4. I used Sequencer to render a 2 minute movie of my scene which I exported using Image Sequencing into my video editing software (Hitfilm). From Hitfilm I edited, add music and exported to Youtube. I know Youtube compressors files and your lose quality but the difference between my original footage and my video on Youtube is like night and day. It is so terrible. I’ve looked at other Archviz videos on Youtube and my video quality is terrible compared to most.

Any suggestions for best practice workflow when exporting to Youtube. Thanks.

use h264 codec its better

I have the same problem. This is a terrible problem.

Thanks for the reply. I have decided to use Vimeo instead. The quality is meant to be better.

what is that? the different program?

Vimeo is a video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos. It’s like Youtube, but apparently has better quality than Youtube.

got it. but my problem still remains. 5 min video render 25gb can u imagine. I tried all command still the same

Maybe you could try compressing the file, I use Handbrake software.

Yip, you’ll need to use software to compress down to something like h264 mp4 format