Exporting animation from C4D to Unreal

I am new to Unreal Engine, and have been spending most of the week running my head against a wall:

I have made this small animation of a bird riding a branch in Cinema 4D

It is animated using a mix between a bone rig, random effectors and position/rotation keyframes:


My headache is: How can I import this into Unreal engine?!?**

**01) **1) I have tried importing it through the Datasmith plugin. It looks fine as I import it, but as soon as I enter the Sequencer/Timeline the elements partly disappear or shifts.




2) after doing some research I was told the way to go about it was to bake my effectors and exporting it to FBX. Apparently Unreal should be able to read Point Level Animation. Ive baked both the modifiers and the animation of the bones, deleted the random selectors and the bones+controls and exported it as FBX with PLA - Here are my export + import settings:

Export from Cinema 4D


Import Settings Unreal Editor:


I am getting these error messages at import and unsurprisingly I’m unsuccessful in getting any animation to work


I cant seem to find any proper documentation on this. ANY pointers or help in getting this to work would be most appreciated!

I am Using C4d R19 and Unreal Editor 4.24

Thank you all in advance. Keep creating magic!

I don’t see your images.