Exporting animated scene from C4D into UE4


I’m having problem with importing premade scene in cinema4d into ue4. My scene includes cloner that clones a sphere x 500, and 4 landscapes put all together. They both have Dynamics Body Tag. After importing the scene into ue4, It gives me all of those spheres separately with anims for them - so I have to add each one of them in sequencer, and add different anim for each one of them. What could I possibly do to make it import in more friendly way for me?


Not exactly sure what you’re trying to achive with that setup, but there might be better ways of doing this.

Maybe use the UE4 physics system and bake the simmulation with the sequencer.

If you really need that simmulation transfered from C4D to UE4 you might be able to do it like that:

source files:

step by step with explaination.