Exporting an actor to another project

I am a novice in the unreal and would like to know how to export a particular model that is already in my unreal scene .Simplificando, I imported my FBX model max for unreal in Viewport unreal applied materials, my model is now finished. I want to use it in another project without having to re-import the FBX and apply all materials repeatedly. If I select the model content and ask to migrate, does not solve the problem because it will no materials applied to it. I wish to make a meshs library within the unreal. Can you help me?

Ricght-click in the content browser on the asset. Choose Asset actions, them migrate.
Now choose the content folder of your target project.
A list will show you all associated assets that will be copied.

PS: Materials should be applied, unless… Well try to run the “fix up redirectiors” command befor migrating.
Right-click on the content roor folder and choose “fix up redirectiors”


I will try here, thank you!