Exporting all transforms with CineCameraActor

Hi everyone,
I am testing a back and forth between UE and Maya for camera animation. I have created my camera animation with VirtualCamera+iPadPro, and put the shot in the sequencer.
I noticed that the cameraActor that gets created has two sets of transforms when put in the sequencer, the one of the global position of the camera in world space and the one inside the cameraComponent with the actual animation keyed in that seems to be relative to the world position.
When I export an FBX of the cameraActor and import it in Maya though the only transforms it reads are the cameraComponent ones, which results in a camera animation that is offset from where it should be (the motion of the camea is corrects, just pivot on {0,0,0} instead of init position of the camera object). Of course I can create a null on top of the camera and copy+paste the WP of the original camera in maya but it just seems not so logical to have to do that by hand (plus the axis switcheroo of course).
I have also tried to append additive sections in the shot to see if that resolved the problem, but it seems as though they are disregarderd too when I export an FBX from the sequencer.
I must be doing something wrong, 24hours into UE and counting. Thanks in advance to anyone that can enlighten me,