Exporting a spline-mesh created from a blueprint as an object

I’m using a blueprint to create trees with splines and adding branches through procedural genration (as in the procedural nature pack). Naturally this takes a heavy toll on performance so I am looking for a way that I could export the tree-meshes I create and import them again as static meshes to reduce the engine load. If I try to select a tree I’ve created and export it only export a very small portion of the stem if it’s an .obj and only the top part if it’s an .fbx.

Any idea how I could export the entire object?

Select the spline actor in the world outline or in your scene. Right-Click on it and Select Merge actors. Choose content browser path to save in the dialog window. Then right click the generated mesh in your content browser. Choose actor actions>export.

That was a while ago… at least I got an answer :slight_smile: