Exporting a parented camera from Maya

I animated this camera by keyframing the group node. I can’t seem to able to import this into Matinee.
I’ve also tried to keyframe the camera itself. But Unreal won’t keep the pivot at 0,0,0.

The camera does a 360 loop around and point at the center. I’ve not been able to do this animation in Unreal because
I don’t know how to do the same thing I did in Maya, in Unreal (centering the pivot at 0 worldspace and keyframing Y axis).

I would like to know if there is a way to export or, on the other hand, to do this animation in Unreal.


I haven’t tested personally, but I would parent a joint to the animated camera ( maybe also add a simple box skinned to that joint ), then export the rig ( joint+box ) in FBX and be sure to check “Bake animation”.
In case UE4 doesn’t accept the skeletal rig create a root joint ( in Maya ), then place a joint inside it in order to create a hierarchy.

Import everything into UE4, you should have a skeletal rig with an animation.
Now get the camera transforms and use a Blueprint to “link” the position/rotation to the joint and you’re done.

Thanks for the reply but I don’t quite follow your answer.
Why parent a joint to the camera? The skinned box then does nothing in Unreal.
Also I’ve never really used Blueprints… :X

I would really appreciate it if you could give me a more thorough explanation

You can’t parent the camera to anything, it has to be the camera by itself.

Okay, i see. But it has to be possible to do this something like this, right? :confused:
I mean just moving the pivot to the center and then keyframing that way, would be enough.

I tried to use Look at Actor in Matinee using a empty actor as a “aim”. But that’s too clunky to make a perfect circle.

@dartviper107: Means that you can’t constraint ( in UE4 I mean ) the camera to a specific object/thing?

Palexpereir: This might help and Also this ( 3ds max tutorial, but principle is the same )

Thanks Nicolas! I figured out a similar workflow in Maya to the one in the video you linked.
I point and orient constrained a new camera to the one I had rigged and then edit > bake simulation, then exported and imported in Matinee. It works.

One big problem though: now Unreal runs extremely slow :frowning:

Yeah, I’m not sure how you would do it in Maya, but if you’ve attached the camera to something and have it animated the way you want you’ll have to bake the animation to the camera so that it doesn’t need to be attached anymore.