Exported vehicle won't move. Wheels aren't attached to bones


I’ve been trying to set up a vehicle using the Wheeled Vehicle blueprint class. I’ve followed many different tutorials but I seem to always get the same issues. The vehicle does have two different wheel sizes, however the issues is still apparent when using all four same sized wheels.

Issue 1: Vehicle Wheels aren’t attached to bone, all centered on the Root bone

Issue 2: Vehicle won’t move (even though wheels are turning) when manually entering an offset into the wheel positions

Issue 3: Vehicle’s physics go crazy (Entire vehicle flies off with the wheels detaching) when adding spheres onto wheel bones in the Phys asset. …Only on some occasions though…

I’ve attached a few screenshots of my setups, could you look them over and let me know what I’m doing wrong?


I’m using Blender to export the vehicle/bones, if I use Maya I have the same issues.