Export whole project

Hello there,
I was searching for the best way to export my whole project (BP, C++ classes, map etc.). It was not initialized with source control so the UE4 tells me that I can’t setup my Git. Size of the folder is 2.5Gb++ but most of it are Binaries. Do you think that sending Content + Source will cover it? Is there a better way than sending whole (2.5Gb++) or sending only Content + Source folders?

Thank you for any advice,

Hi ,

All you need to distribute, if I understand your end goal correctly, are the Config, Content, and Source folders, along with the .uproject file. Be sure if it’s going to be edited that the end user is using the same engine version.

You can certainly use Git if you want. Just grab a copy of this .gitignore file and put it in the root of your project first (name it .gitignore), then git will automatically ignore everything it doesn’t need when you create the repo and commit your files.