Export vs. Send to Unreal

All the tutorials I’ve come across about a Maya to UE4 workflow use ‘Export’ (FBX or OBJ). None so far are using the ‘Send to Unreal’ menu item. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion of using one over the other and why?

Thanks in advance…

There isn’t a Send To Unreal option yet, but they’re working on something like that. The purpose of that is to make it easier to set up a scene in Maya/3ds Max which will help when doing things like Archviz.

Currently you can get to the same point using the FBX Scene Import option, but adding a plugin into your 3D software makes it easier/faster.

Actually Send To Unreal is in Maya LT 2017, and 2016 if I’m not mistaken. I believe doing so allows you to circumvent the 100,000 polygon limit - among other things. I’ve never had to use it myself.