Export Volume FROM UE to External 3D Application

Hi! I have been messing around with Unreal and found some interesting explosion assets, and was wondering if there is a way to export them FROM Unreal to another application (in a format such as VDB) I’m fairly certain the assets were made in Houdini, which I have as well. Is there any way to basically get these volume assets out of Unreal for use in other programs? Thanks!

If you’re talking about the explosion used in the Infiltrator demo, then no, it’s not really compatible outside of UE4–particle systems in different 3D software almost never have enough in common to be compatible. I think there’s a video somewhere that they talked a bit more about what they did for that, but they rendered it in slices from a FumeFX simulation in 3ds Max and then did some extra stuff with the particle system in UE4 to display it.

It was actually this: The Explosions Mega Pack in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace … not sure if that makes a difference though.