Export Unreal scene OUT


Has anybody tried or succeeded importing your archiz scene out? Unreal editor has a export tool to export as FBX or STL. I tried that with semi-large environment and they kinda look horrible in 3D modelling programs after that. Also, it doesn’t import materials.

Has anybody exported scene so if would look and feel good in modelling programs? Is it possible in real time while inside the game?

Thank you!

You can only generally export the meshes and textures

I would also like to know this, specially for exporting to Unity

I don’t think there is any real-time solution. That sounds like something that would involve some heavy coding or some plugin integration.

If you absolutely need to export your whole scene as an FBX, you could merge all actors and export that object as FBX. Depending on the other application you’re using and the complexity of the model, you may be able to get some decent results.

What sort of program are you hoping to export to?

It’s not perfect but you could try my tool, Unreal to Unity Exporter