Export UE4 Rig Characters from Character Creator 2.0

Hi everyone,

Unreal users highly requested a new character design tool that is dedicated to working and scaling with Unreal development. In response, Reallusion has adapted Character Creator 2.0 to auto convert character bone structures for UE4 rigs, allowing CC characters to be fully compatible with the Unreal UE4 Third Person Controller.

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*5 times of exporting function available

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Reallusion Team

This is truly amazing. As soon as I saw that this was available, I completely changed my character creation pipeline (I was using mixamo fuse) and impulse bought the full pipeline. I have no regrets at all, the software is increible!

Quick question: Is there any easy workflow to move clothing from iClone to Character Creator?


Hi! Is it possible to export face morph too?

If it can do face morphs (including lip sync), LOD levels for crowds, animatable wrinkle maps (for example to make forehead wrinkled when angry), corrective morphs for smoother animations, supports UE4 physics and IK (I think it should because it uses the same rig, right?) then I might buy it.

Also, does it actually use the same rig as UE4 skeleton or a more detailed but compatible rig? UE4 rig might be too basic for more detailed animations.

In the end, it is somewhat expensive (although having a discount currently), considering that iClone Character Animation Pipeline bundle with 3DXchange pipeline is required for full FBX support. But if you compare it to DAZ Studio - well, DAZ developer licence usually costs the same.