export UE4 models into blender

hello all, this is the second time i have posted because the first time didn’t actually appear on the forums, so if this is a duplicate, my apologies.

I am trying to edit the default model in the unreal engine so that I can customise it however I want and it work in the game. but upon replacing the model with my own, I would like it to still use the default animations from the model I would be replacing.

The problem is when I try exporting the .uasset file of a model from the unreal engine and then loading it into my editor of choice, blender.
when I import the .FBX file into blender. the model imports perfectly, however, the skeleton does not.

as you can see from the picture above, the bones are in the right place (i believe) but they are not connected to each other and they are not facing the correct direction.
if you have any ideas that may help me fix this issue it would be very much appreciated.
as far as I am aware. I think the problem occurs when importing the model to blender. am I using the wrong import settings? I’ll look forward to reading your replies :slight_smile: