Export to Import Items From Different Version?

I had a question, for example; if I was using UE4 4.20 and I brought and downloaded a pack of props for UE4 4.23 ONLY without realizing it was for 4.23 only and not any other version. Could I export an item from that pack and import that same item to my version of UE4 4.20?

depends on what the item is. if its a mesh then it may not be a issue though the materials may be affected due to changes with the renderer but usually meshes would say they were for multiple versions. likely your talking about something with related scripting or which makes use of specific features. that is where you could have issues, newer versions obviously have things older versions don’t so for example if you import a script with nodes the older version doesn’t know then it wont know what to do with it and it wont work correctly.

I was thinking about taking a couple of meshes and transferring them over but thank you for the information!