Export splines from 3dsmax to Unreal - here's a script for you

Oh, forgot to add. If you want to create a blueprint out of it, need to make a new blueprint, return to the viewport, select a new actor, in details there will be spline component. Click and hold it with mouse button and drag into the tab with blueprint, then release on the DefaultSceneRoot, select “attach” when asked. To be able to edit the points, change Reparam Steps Per Segment to 4 and back to 10, as described in the original post.

Thanks! I tried it this morning and it worked. I didn’t think it could be that straightforward, hahaha. It’s so nice to finally have a smoother workflow for this… as opposed to this!

And yeah, to echo what you said, it definitely needs to be run from the Max UI button in order to work.

Sorry all, I haven’t been back on and realised there were questions about the script, but yes sounds like you all figured it out!

Just to clarify, what the script does is it takes the data from 3dsMax and simply formats it into the same format as if you were to copy a spline in the scene. You can always try this yourself by copying a spline in a scene and pasting it into notepad.

It is also possible to customise the above script to paste a spline into any blueprint type/format you need the spline in by simply pasting a copy of the one you want to replicate into notepad, then opening the above script in notepad or code editor of your choice and simply formatting it to match the blueprint. You don’t really need to know maxscript to be able to do this, just be careful replicating the formatting.

But what about copying multiple splines? Like 100 of them…

then you got a lot of manual work on your hands!