Export sparse point cloud from camera

In the alignment tab I can export the sparse point cloud as an .xyz, but it’s of the whole component.

I was hoping it would be possible to select a camera, select “find points” so I have just that camera’s tie points highlighted and then export on its own.

This is all because in the software we are developing we want to view a model and use these exported point clouds to help select photos that relate to that area of the model. Pretty much the 3D control point feature Reality Capture has…

Is isolated camera tie point exporting possible? Alternatively is there a way I could extract this tie point information from an exported  rcalign component?



hello, RealityCapture is focused on mesh and there are tools dedicated to this purpose,

you can filter your mesh selection (using the Lasso, Rect, Box and/or Advanced tools + the Filter Selection tool - all accessible from the RECONSTRUCTION tab) and export the newly created (filtered) model as a point cloud (ALIGNMENT tab / Export / Point Cloud),

if you need a sparse point cloud, you will need to extract if from a preview mesh created using the default settings