Export Shape Keys (Morph Targets) from UE4 to Blender (Workaround)

Since 4.23 you can export finally Shape Keys from UE4 to FBX.

But the Blender Import Script can’t use this FBX Files.

In this example, I use the “Character Customization: Male” Bodymesh.


But if we try to import in Blender we get this Error:

To fix this you must convert the FBX File with FBX Converter (FBX 2013);base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==

The FBX Converter can you download (for free) on FBX Converter Archives | Autodesk Developer Network

Now we have no “Import Error” anymore…and the Shape Keys works fine;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==


This is good to know. I would have thought exporting with the 2013 fbx format from unreal would be the same as whatever the converter is doing. Given that unreal uses autodesk sdk to export to fbx.

I suppose I should push an update to my Curves plugin to make the extra conversion not be needed…

Thank you for this workaround. i can now continue working!

THANK YOU! I was wondering what I was doing wrong, but it was a conversion issue after all!