Export Render Target

Is it possible to export render target as non HDRI format via Blueprint? Or access (convert) render target to texture2d and export as image in bmp format.

There is no direct blueprint function,you need help of C++.

This is possible now, at least in 4.18, using the export render target. If you are saving a HDR image, give it a .hdr extension, if its LDR, set a a .PNG

Trying to save a .png from render target… how can i be sure its ‘LDR’ ?

As of UE4.24 if you want to save it as a TGA file, you simply have to change the Render Target Format to RTF RGBA8 and save. Then you can right click on the Render Target and choose “Create Static Texture” and you’ll be able to export that static texture as a TGA file.