Export package so friends can test your game, terrible experience

I’m bummed out, this was not what I would expect so I’m trying to fish for some inspiration to keep on using unreal.

This is what happened.
I did the simplest level imaginable, my brothers new apartment with third person top down starter, basically just some walls. I then exported this so my brother could mess around with it (funny use of a game huh?).

  • The game files was 500mb, I expected something like 5mb
  • The .exe was hidden deep inside (well we’re used to stuff like this but you’d think a package for shipping would be a bit friendlier for outsiders).
  • Next, mscv was missing from his Windows 8.1.
  • Having to send links and convince him visual studio wasn’t going to mess with his computer =) was… frustrating, more so for him.
  • And here is where we just stopped… “xinput something is missing”.

I guess all this is needed for the big stuff and I should be grateful that it is that powerful so I went for the Android option hoping I could just upload it to dropbox and send a link to his phone… but no, what looked like a ton of different stuff had to be installed and my previous attempt didn’t really inspire me to try. I will though, being able to send out ridiculous games to friends sounds a lot of fun.


  1. Will sending games to friends be easier when I’m more experienced or is this simply how it is being done?
  2. Will the Android route be smoother?
  3. Even though I picked Unreal to avoid coding maybe Unity is more artist friendly?
  4. Could perhaps Unreal be improved in this area and things will get better?
  5. Am I perhaps a bit impatient and should learn more before trying to send out games? =)


UE4 is designed to make games, so the idea is that you would create your own installer.
The xinput thing is that it needs a DirectX update.

In your situation Unity is easier to share a game really quick, but actual game development is not more artist friendly—working with assets and creating things like materials and lighting are way better for an artist in UE4, and things like Blueprints make it so that artists can more easily create gameplay as opposed to the alternative of coding gameplay.

you can create a simple .bat file in the root folder to fire the game

yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! So the game files for windows needs a installer (well if you want to make it easier for the end user), maybe perhaps an installer that checks for the things that is needed to run the game? A template?
I will do the .bat route when I’m goofing out simple stuff though, thanks for that.

Does the starter pack and static meshes effect the package size in a noticeable way? =)

The Android dev install just gave me errors. Both on download and install. I went with the “complete” version but will try default now… not sure what to expect at all.

Knew it! =)

This is very comforting to read, thanks for that.

if you use “started content”, the texture folder have 485 megas, it look like the build put everything, event the not used assets. o_O. soo you have a bit of reason.

ok maybe a few tips might help you on the way.

before you package your game make sure the

  1. Saved\Backup folder has been emptied (just my tip)
  2. delete all unused maps from the Content\Maps folder , the engine packs all the maps plus any content that is used in those maps
  3. just packaged a template TPS with NO extra content which then package to 146mb
  4. in the package options untick the “use pak file” so that you can see what is being packaged

Sweeeet, 150mb sounds a lot more reasonable.

Android nvidia something dev thingie express install went fine, we’ll see if that is going to send me somewhere as well. =) Inspiration wb.

I checked the maps and backup folders, they were both empty. I unchecked the .pak so I can see what’s taking up all the space.