export my game

Hello everyone,
im very new to this wonderful engine and try to learn from time to time
i have 2 questions please :

  1. is it possible to export the game i create to android and ios same time ?
  2. if there is such tutorials to follow about exporting that would be really appreciated

Many Thanks

You have to use a mac to export to Iphone… But you can do it with android! (And Linux! :slight_smile: )

There are tutorials… But that is the last step really. Building you final product. Or test build.
So I would suggest your start from the beggining. Then work your way to a point were you can build you game.

P.S. You can also build for Xbox one and PS4… But I believe you need to pay Microsoft or Sony to do that first.

You can’t do it at the same time, but you can easily switch what platform you’re building for. To build for iOS you need a Mac, if you’re just doing testing on your device you can do that on both PC and Mac. I don’t believe that Mac has Android support though, but I may be wrong.
Here’s some info about both: Mobile Game Development | Unreal Engine Documentation

sound very great and do you please recommend th etutorials on site ? or there is much more other places that i can find

Many Thanks