Export metahuman as fbx

Also to get the animation out of your dcc in to Marvelous use an alembic as I haven’t been able to then export the animated FBX from blender to Marvelous, this can give issues trying to apply the fitting suit in Marvelous as it never likes the alembic on the shoulder area when selecting the points for the fitting suit but you can just use the original pose with an FBX for that, apply your clothes then import the alembic animation if you’re wanting to simulate the clothes on the animation. If you don’t want to simulate and only build the clothes then you can apply one of my methods above which I mentioned, back in July as they are easier but less accurate.

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Thanks. Ill try this out.

Sequencer Clothing SIM to Unreal Question?

I’ve got the MetaHuman exported from sequencer working as you said. (I also uncheck LODs on export options) Then I import FBX animation to maya. In Maya I convert to an alembic cache and Export to MD. In MD I Simulate on the MetaHuman Apose (frame 01). After I Resimulate on (frame 2) ( I exported a Sequencer Walk Animation), Then I Record the Simulation. Finally I export an Alembic(OGAWA) from MD.

How do I import the MD Ogawa Alembic to Unreal? It Crashes every time? I’m wanting a sequencer clothing sim animation.

I got it figured out.

Take the MD alembic (OGAWA) into Maya and do an Alembic Cache of it. Then the New Maya Alembic will import into Unreal. drag into scene and rotate 90degrees. Then drag into sequencer and play. garment will simulate.

Ah that’s great! I have just been importing the alembic straight in to unreal and selecting the geometry cache on import and it’s been fine, I always use the other h5 option and also been using 4.27. Also on the import options there’s a texture setting and a setting for normal calculation hard edge. Set the hard edge to 0 then it will be more accurate and set the texture option to max, it’s some thing like 16 or your textures will be messed up. Also only works with MD10, MD11 has issues with the alembic export at the mo which they are fixing.

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Thanks, I will test those settings out. I’m using MD11, so that explains the trouble with importing alembic from MD to Unreal. Also I am using Mocaps to Animate the MH in sequencer, baking to control rig to adjust any arm issues and then exporting the MH BP from sequencer which works fine.

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Yeah MD11 when it was exporting was handy as it could export top stitch as geometry so nice for the extra detail, that’s when it exported but didn’t export the cache, now after the last update it just crashes. The team at MD say they will fix it for the next update. I’ve just been doing this workflow so let me know if you have any more questions, see if we can share some info, if your export and import settings are correct you can get away with body offset at 0.
It’s rewarding once you get to where you’re trying to go, keep up the good work.

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Woking on MD Method 2

MetaHuman export to MD, then MD cloth simulation to Unreal Sequencer working fine.
Now I’m having trouble with an Unreal Cloth Sim. I export a fitted garmet from MD, then apply the fitted garmet to an MD Skeleton mesh, (weighted and skinned to a skeleton in Maya) and export the fbx to Unreal. In Unreal the cloth looks crinkled? Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong to get a smooth cloth sim on this skirt?