Export mesh positions to another project?

Is it possible ( in placement phase now in project ) to migrate, copy/paste or such, a mesh with its materials and POSITION in the level, to another project ?

I open the project/level migrated , TO, but while the mesh is in content/meshes, the material is gone and the position of mesh in level ( references ?) is gone.

Makes for alot of duplicate work ( if possible) so I hope there’s a way to do this ?


Migrate should do the trick, but you might need to make sure you don’t have any levels open.

Make a new empty project, then migrate the ‘other’ map file to your new project…

OK ty so much worth a shot, I’ll let you know how it goes:)

Another thing you can do it is open both projects at once. Copy everything relevant from one project and paste it in the other…

Ya I suppose thats always best when large projects need sent to new engines , as the copy method I used , certainly didn’t work ( once new engine open in the project browsing area) .