Export Maya Curves -> Import as (BP or LS) Spline in UE4

Hey there,

I know by now that this is a thing and I also do know now that it is not as easy to research as I though it would be. I found only a few things that really did not fit to my usecase and really didn’t gave a solution to my problem.

I have created a raod mesh created in Maya.
The Mesh is very big (10 x 10 km).
The Roads have Intersections and every single one has an edge line in its middle.
I want to convert the middle edge to a curve and import it to Unreal as a spline (BP or Landscape. Landscape prefered).

My question would be, is there any way by now to do this? Is there a script available or is there a workaround for this issue?

I am very thankful for any help.

Kind Regards!