Export LOD 1, LOD 2 from grouped mesh

Hi I have imported tree from speedtree i have few lods, i dont have source file and i would like to remove lod0 from object. How to export LOD1, LOD2 to CC program?

Hello pmlvl,

I would like some more information in order to better understand what you are asking.

1.) Are you trying to export the LOD0 from the engine? In that case there is no true way to export the group. You can export the individual material. Also you can go to the tree mesh and double click on it in your content browser. Once inside this menu you can clear the material from you mesh.

I do not believe what you are asking to export the LOD group specifically is possible.

Let me know if this is what you are trying to do or if I missed something.

Thank You for replay.
LOD0 is the base mesh so is not a problem to eksport the base mesh, selecting object in content browser and Asset Action → Export. When I export object in that way i receive only LOD0, fbx file. Exporter include only LOD0 not LOD1, LOD2 etc. I would like to have epossible to export only the LOD1 or LOD2 or whole group. Is this any way to export from engine the LOD1? Maybe there is some plugins to solve my issue.

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There may be a way to export through a plugin. I am unaware of any. This is sounding like a feature request, which I will be happy to enter for you.

Let me know if you find a plugin or if you would like me to enter a feature request.

You may request for that :wink:

What I have done is enter a bug. I believe the LOD groups should translate when exporting from UE4.

The bug number is UE-21862

I will keep you informed of this bugs progress.

Thank You!

Hello pmlvl,

This issue has been addressed by our development team. This issue has been flagged as backlogged and I do not have a time frame for when this feature will be implemented.

If you would click the check box next to my bug report so that other users can find this answer.

I want to do that can You point me where is that chceckbox?


Hey pmlvl,

It is the check next to my last answer under the arrows.