Export io-fbx Blender to Unreal Engine


I’m currently having a big bug with my animations transition from blender to unreal engine using io-fbx 7.4 binary version.

This is what should look my jump start animation :


But, after export/import my skeleton then the animation i got :


DAFUQ ?? :mad:
(Yes it is charmander =D)

It’s hard to say what exactly could be wrong (I dont know exactly what your problem is) :slight_smile:

-which blender version do you use?
-how exactly do you export and import it?
-check if blender adds one extra bone to your rigg in the ue4

Try this fix first - IT IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED- :?v=6iOS…OzGWRI&index=3. Blender does indeed add an extra bone if you haven’t done this. Download a seperate version of Blender, install it somewhere and apply this fix. Otherwise you’ll never get your skeletons to work.

Actually it also works with the extra root bone, but just in very rare cases ^^

-> the link seems to be broke :slight_smile:

Here is how you disable the extra bone: ://

Sorry about the link. It’s from an older post.

I had problem with the new FBX version too, i just export to the normal 6.1 version and it works just find with 4.4 and gives me no errors.

Ok i’ll back to 6.1 version with the python fix.

Thank you!