Export / Import Morph Targets

There’s a massive hole in the documentation here. It gives an incomplete overview of how to bring morph targets in with your mesh.

I need to export/import morph targets added after the fact. It’s not working and the documentation isn’t any help.

I added the morph targets in Maya (Blend Shapes).

I selected each one individually and exported it along with the skeleton which I’m not sure I needed to do. When I export what is required, just the mesh, the mesh and original mesh, or what?

Then I import and it complains that the skeleton has changed too much - it hasn’t at all.

I don’t know what UE4 is expecting from me at all.

Can you please update the documentation, and can someone help me in the meantime?


It’s been several days and I need this to work now rather than later. Exporting Morph Targets is not a complicated process to explain so why does the documentation fail at it so badly?

I duplicate the mesh, make the change, create a blendshape, export the mesh with the skeleton and import.

There are never any morph targets there. I have exported telling it to export animation + blend shapes + all deformed model options in Maya. When it comes to UE4 I tell it to import them.

It does not.

This was solved here: