Export HTML5 project as javascript instead of WebAssembly (for Firefox 52 ESR)


I am working on a small project with Unreal Engine 4.16 preview. I need to export to HTML5 but one of the requirements of the project is to be able to run in Extended Support Release version of Firefox, the newest one being 52.
The problem is that this version of Firefox has the WebAssembly support disabled and any HTML5 exports with the preview version of UE4 will not work.
Also, many bugs present in the exported project were fixed by UE4.16 and switching back to an older version will not help me.

My question is: can I configure the HTML5 exporter to use java script deployment instead of WebAssembly? *In the future I guess Firefox ESR versions will also support WebAssembly but the project can’t wait for this.

Any feedback on this problem will be greatly appreciated,
Thank you!

Project Settings > Platforms - HTML5 > asmjs Build (else build WASM)

I would imagine that does it?