Export from DAZ3d the animations only and import in UE4

hi there DAZ to UE4 question.
-I have a 3D character model done in DAZ ,
-I did export that Character from DAZ and imported in UE4 in a T-pose (all went well)
question is:

can I export from DAZ just different poses (or animations) for that character and assign them in UE4 later ?
( without re-export model and texture again)

would like to build a small library of poses or anim in DAZ for that character and have them ready when I need in UE4


Animations from Daz can be exported separately.

You’ll need to “bake” them first before exporting though, a guide on how to do so can be found here: Daz3D Export Guide – Lens Studio Community

then when using the “send to unreal” exporter, select “animation” as asset type.

You could export poses as bulk by making one big animation out of all the poses you need, and then do some ue4 magic (currently no experience with this) to select the right frame.
4- Posing - YouTube


great! thanks!!