Export from blender messes up Root Motion

In the long and arduous journey between blender and UE4, my root motion has stopped working.

I’m using the UE4 Add-on for blender. After rigging and weight-painting, I export the FBX and import to UE4. I retargeted the animations and my anim blueprint, and everything works perfectly except root motion.

I have root motion turned on for the animations, and set to “root motion from montage only” in my anim blueprint. But when I hit play and activate a montage (a sword swing for example), my mesh moves forward leaving the camera and the capsule behind. I’ve checked everything and everywhere I know how to check to no avail. I’m using Blender 2.77 and version 4.10.4 of UE4. I did read somewhere about an extra bone that blender 4.76 adds that messes up root motion, so I updated to 4.77 but have the same problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ll post pics or videos of anything that could be helpful if you ask for it.

You need to cut the animation from the root bone and paste it to the armature in object mode, you can select the keyframes for the root and cut, select the armature object, insert a keyframe on the first frame for loc/rot/whatever you have animated, then paste the keyframes. The animation should look the same but now root motion should work.

does that apply if I’m using animations from the UE4 marketplace? I think I understand what your saying if I had created the animations in blender, but not with anims already in unreal. Sorry forgive my ignorance.

You need to select the actual new armature root bone when retargeting.