Export FBX from Sequencer for character with extra mesh

Hi I made a character. Its got a skeletal mesh. I added a moveable static mesh and in the construction script parented it to a spine bone. The extra mesh moves in Play mode and it moves when the character is added to a Level Sequencer and the sequencer is playing. I export the level sequencer as FBX. The character has animation, the extra mesh not.

in the docs here it states “When exporting, you can export all the objects with animations in your scene to your FBX file”

So this is not working for me ? What settings do I need? What am I doing wrong?

–Would have thought ppl would be able to export animated characters with guns in their hands or something so surprised its not


More investigation:
Click the + of a SM added to Level Sequence Timeline, then choose Transform to add a Transform Track. Rclick the Transform track to Import from Animation Root
You end up with 2 transform tracks, one has keyframes, delete the other.
–means you can add some sort of animation that FBX exports properly

Is there a way to edit the rotation (that is, the direction in which the character moves) once you click that option? is that the character only moves in the direction of the original animation and you cannot edit where he moves.