Export Default Pawn Animation


I am wanting to do some studies on the EU4.

Wanted to use the blue character himself available in the templates. Needed to open that model in 3D Max or Maya which was easier. Edit some animations he already has as walking and running, and also create other animations which I will use as a study in the engine, as sulking, pull, throw, die etc …

I found stuff talking about replacing the character with a customized one another, but not how to change and edit the same already available.

Someone there could give me this help?

Thank you!

You should be able to export the character out of the engine by right-clicking on the Skeletal Mesh asset and selecting “Export”, then choose where to save the fbx file. From there you can import it into Max/Maya directly.

You can also do the same for included animations, they are possible to export in the same way.

Later on when you want to re-import into UE4 it would be a good idea to rename the file so it does not overwrite the original (if you were planning to do that as well).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks, it worked!
Excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject, I’m a developer and do not know anything about 3D. I’ve been studying and I got another question that maybe u can help me without me having to open a topic.

The mesh that I exported the mycharacter, it possesses a bone. I can apply on him a bipod to animate and then play again for the engine?