Export Datasmith from Unreal as .FBX

I have a client provided .STEP file that I pulled into Unreal via Datasmith. There are several changes I need to make in order to rig the file but have not found a way to get the asset out of Unreal so that I can work on it in Maya. Is there a way?

I was able to import it into Maya but have not found a way to do the triangulation in the same manner as Datasmith. Any ideas?

You can select a static mesh and export it to fbx or use the gltf exporter.

I do no touch animation in Editor but it might be interesting to check around if there is not a tool to do what you want in UE directly.

Else if you really need to go through Maya at some point, limit the import/export cycles and try to bring your step in Maya directly. Again not an expert but I see some “Nurbs to meshes” function in Maya doc Convert NURBS surfaces to a polygon mesh