Export character from Blender to UE4 with corrective shape keys


I’m new to UE4 but using Blender since a bit. Since I’m interested in AR I decided to check if there are the conditions for a professional usage of UE4 AR platform in conjunction with Blender.
I was already able to bring my character to UE4 an replace the mannequin in the 3rd person game. The idea is to use the mannequin animations for my character.

To achieve a professional results the characters need to have corrective shape keys which are activated when a bone is moving to compensate unnatural mesh deforms during animations. All this should just happen automatically when the character is playing the animations. So my questions:

Is it already possible to use shape keys created in blender automatically in UE4 with the newest UE4 and Blender versions?
If yes, could some one please point me to the tutrial/infos how to achieve this?
If not, will it ever be possible?
Is it possible if I create my own animations (this is a remote option since It would take me a lot of time to create own animations)

Will there be a better integration between Blender and UE4 in the future or is Blender just the wrong choice?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Blender will work fine. When importing your FBX model click the drop down arrow under mesh and select Import Morph Targets. That is what they are called in UE4

There is a write up on how to set up a post process animation to automatically apply these morphs to animations here:


For transforms, under the armature options in blender make the transform -x and y. You should definitely save some configs for the unreal export in blender fbx.


thanks a lot for your replies, will check that out.