Export Camera Rig Rail animation


I have a great animation of a camera on a camera rig rail.

I’d like to export that camera animation to a baked .fbx and use the camera in Blender.

Only local transform data is exported in the .fbx, because the RailCameraMount is what is moving the camera through world space, in Blender the camera doesn’t translate at all.

How can I bake out the world position animations of the camera to the .fbx?

Thank you!


I’ve been trying to do this too. Did you get any further?
I put a question up about it last month and didnt get any replies…


Just to close the loop here.

I ended up writing a little c++ component that samples the location of a given actor (in this case a parented camera), and then a script to key each frame. this works fine, it’s not “clean” but, meh.

Although I just noticed this…

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Hey guys, I am having the same issue.
I have an animated railrig with an animated camera, and I want to be able to export that together, like bake out both animations so I can use in other package.
Do you have a solution for this?

OK so a control object is a control object and can be a static mesh or a bone.

@CupKake @diogo13s

Guys, I came up with kind of clumsy, but still solution. You just Right click on your rigged camera and then click “Record in Sequencer”. It will automatically record the whole it’s Transform animation into another Cam in keyframe form.


I used to have an image on that post…

easiest way is to use this … then just right click - export .fbx