Export BP as windows program .exe ?

Hello. I made a script in blueprint that change time of movie subtitles forward or backwards. I have two variables that needs to be configurable - one integer for setting time in seconds + or - , other is text where I paste the text from the subtitles after copied them from the file.

I was trying to google how to export the result in new text file on the windows and seen it’s only possible with new nodes made with C++. I don’t know if it is the same with the latest version.

Also how can I export this as a game and have it on other computers to do the same job - add or decrease time of movie subtitles?

To compile your “game” there is a full procedure .
You can find them on the documentation,
beware that compile for pc Packaging Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation?
is different from compiling for other stuff Packaging Android Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation

thank you i will check everything