Export blueprint as image

It would be great to be able to export a blueprint as an image, rather than having to take screenshots. I suspect this would be quite handy for the Blueprint forum and for people making online tutorials etc.

Great idea! I think that would make the sizing / clarity of the images a bit more consistent.

While this reminded me of the diagrams of VS from old days, I’m not sure how useful this would be considering the large size of the result shot in most case, which can’t be really used for tutorials, unless you select a small section, in which case a manual screenshot would do just fine.

Well. A blueprint image exporter can export the whole blueprint (also if it is so big that is doesn’t fit the screen) and then I can use an image editor to crop the sections I need. It is quicker than the “positioning -> screenshot -> crop” workflow.

Actually it’s Not. You’re not gonna need any cropping at all when you use a rectangular snip. I personally use LightShot for my screenshots (there is half a dozen similar apps too), which is entirely based on rectangular shots, but if you don’t wanna use extra apps, then even windows 7 and 8 now give you rectangular snip support, so again, they’ll both take same as long, but we already have one ready to use.

I believe that he meant you can’t do a single snip/screenshot/etc if the whole Blueprint doesn’t fit on the screen. In such case you need to take multiple shots and merge them somehow. It would be quicker to export 1 huge image and then crop it to suit your needs :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of extra decorative bling with Blueprint that makes it hard to fit things into a screenshot. The ultimate feature would be to be able to export to .xml or some similar format, then I could write a tool to output an image, a forum code rep, or whatever. I imagine this would also be handy for creating lecture notes or tutorials etc.

In any case, an output to .png option should be fairly simple to implement as you’re already rendering the thing. In response to those above me, personally I don’t mind looking at an image that’s larger that my monitor. And I can easily imagine video tutorials that take one screenshot and then smoothly pan to different parts of a blueprint.

Dear Epic

Please give an export to image feature or create an online blue print reader.

Its very difficult to share blueprints with people because you can’t just copy it and view it in a text editor like regular code, it would be nice to have some sort of easy way to share it.

I noticed that you can actually copy + paste blueprints, it would be nice to have some sort of online blueprint reader in html that can take that code and convert it.


There already work on that

Yup, Blueprint Snippets are a thing - and basically done, we just have to solve how we’re going to distribute it. Currently it uses a closed source portion of the codebase to communicate with the server. We just need to solve how to open source the portion of the code it uses and we should be able to start distributing it.


What’s the state of this? It’s been 5 months since that stream and I don’t see it in the 4.5 Preview. Sorry for a necro if already mentioned lately.

I’d also like to know this. I love in Firefox that I can press shift + F2 then type “screenshot --fullpage” to grab an entire web page to a PNG in one go. Something similar for Blueprint would be a huge timesaver for tutorials.

This is still being looked at, however currently our resources are allocated elsewhere. I do not have a timeframe of when this will be implemented into the engine fully.

+1 really could use an “Export to Image” function

What we really need is a serialized text representation of blueprints, so we could just copy & paste code in both directions (and BTW this would be work far better in SCM systems like GIT and prevent corruption).

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Just letting you all know that we’ve heard your requests for such a feature and which is why we decided to include it in our ODIN Tracker UE4 Plugin under ODIN-47 aka “Capture of UE4 Blueprint Nodes” that will be included in our 0.2 release in the coming weeks.

We are also looking at including ODIN-58 aka “Capture of UE4 Material Nodes” for a 0.3 release.

More info can be found here: