Export big model into multi small parts

I have a big model (3 bil tri) need to edit in external software but after simplify to 35 mil tri, resolution become too low.

How to split and export model into multi small parts?

Hi Ben,

There is “Export mesh by parts” option which does it. You can also preserve parts after simplification, but this requires some more RAM.
We are working on this currently, so that it will be completely out-of-core (low RAM demand) and it should be out in 2-to-4 weeks.

One workaround is to use the filtering tool to split the model into more pieces and export/simplify each model separately. You can place filtering box precisely with “info panel”.

Where can i find the ‘Export mesh by parts’ ?

when you choose to export OBJ/PLY/FBX, you get these EXPORT settings:


Thank you!