Export asset and dependencies

Hi guys,
I’m starting in UE4 and I would like to know a option to export an asset and their dependencies.:confused:
At Unity we have an option “Export Package”.


If I understand you correctly, you’re looking for “Migrate” - available in the content browser.

If you are using version 4.6 or higher, right click on the asset, highlight “Asset Actions”, and then choose Export. You can do this for any image, mesh, audio, and a few others.

Version 4.5.1 and before, just right click and choose Export.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Xenome you are too fast today :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading this again I think you mean Migrate as well. Try that.

Haha, two for two. But yeah… let’s see if that’s what we’re looking for.

That’s it!
Migrate option is the solution!
Thank you Xenome and DotCam!