Export animation with Post Process Anim on?

I’m trying to export a MetaHuman animation including the mesh. But I’ve noticed that the exported mesh is skinnier than usual. I found out that the post process anim bp is causing this.

Is there a way to export an animation and mesh that includes the post process bp info?


After a week of troubleshooting, I think I’ve found a weird solution to all this (I’m using Marvelous Designer for this workflow). The fix is to bake the animation in sequencer and then disable the post process blueprint when using the cloth simulation from MD.

  1. Import character (I used preview mesh) and animation in sequencer
  2. Right click mesh in tracks, “Bake Animation Sequence”
  3. Export the baked animation into Marvelous Designer and simulate clothing, export as “Alembic OGAWA”
  4. Import simulated clothing in Unreal and change these settings (Import Type: Geometry Cache (Experimental),
    Apply Constant Topology Optimizations: checked,
    Preset: Autodesk 3ds Max)
  5. Import it into sequencer, choose track and Geometry Cache
  6. Import BP MetaHuman, disable the post process anim blueprint in the body