Export animation sequence with Python

Hey there,

I have some trouble with exporting (sequences) from Unreal to fbx using Python.
I created an AssetExportTask and set the exporter to AnimSequenceExporterFBX (which is an exporter) but it will not be recognized as a Exporter.
Is there something wrong the way I do it?

export_task = unreal.AssetExportTask()
export_task.automated = True
export_task.exporter = unreal.AnimSequenceExporterFBX
export_task.filename = "MyOutputPath"
export_task.object = sequence_to_export


Thanks in advance for your help!

I forgot the brackets on unreal.AnimSequenceExporterFBX() and now it is at least recognized as exporter, but now it crashes unreal every time I run the script.
What am I doing wrong here?

Log a support ticket with your complete py script along with repro steps on a default scene and we can see if it’s on our end or not. Hopefully we will be able to fix some issues on our side