Export (and import) with the same transform as seen in RC

After aligning and scaling a scan in RC there should be an option (if not default behavior) to export the model with that exact transformation. (And safely re-import of course.) At the moment only scale and rotation deliver the expected results, while the model position and pivot usually show significant offsets.
This would greatly benefit export-import-workflows and general user experience in many cases.

I have described the issue in a little more detail here: Exported model pivot point

From a user experience standpoint I would have also expected the transformation in RC to be the same after export, which unfortunately is not the case. Orientation and scale carry on just fine but the position and pivot are usually heavily offsetted which is rather annoying to say the least and feels incredibly inconsistent. Getting proper transforms during the scanning stage has always been a hassle with Photoscan as well and I was really hoping RC would take away some of that pain.
I suppose I could probably take the transform matrix from the rcInfo files to correct this programmatically, is that a valid assumption? Needing to transform back and forth for re-imports would still be annoying though…
It’s certainly possible to rectify this circumstance on our side with some custom pipeline tools, but it would be great if this effort would not be necessary in the first place.
Is anybody around here employing such workflows already?

This whole thing struck me as something that was really counter intuitive given the alignment tools that are available in RC and it would really be great if you could offer an option for that in the future!

Keep up the good work, I hope you can make it happen!


Hi Fabian
I am a bit curious what software you are using as reimporting OBJ + FBX works for over 1 year. So scale, position, orientation is always kept if you do not change it in an external application.

Sorry if I haven’t been specific enough, exporting and importing itself does indeed work fine. The real issue here is the position when exporting in the first place, it’s usually not the same as seen in RC. (see this post for examples: Exported model pivot point)

So in oder to be able to cleanly work on the models in external software you would usually want to get rid of this offset. When you then want to bring the model back to RC for reprojection it would require you to undo this offset-fix. This is what I meant specifically with the import-export-workflow issue.

May I ask for a short update on the progress (if any) of this request?


I am afraid that this may well be an issue of the specific software you import the RC models into, what is it?