Export a single object by parts

Hello Community,

I have generated a model in Reality Capture that was originally created into multiple parts by RC (as you can see in the image below).

Then, i simplified and textured the model, exported from RC as a singleton obj, edited it inside of a 3rd party software and imported it back into RC for further process (apply texture on the corrected 3D model).

It seems that now RC recognizes it as a single object (as you can see in the image below).

Is there any way to divide the imported model into smaller parts automatically? The reason I want this is to export it in multiple parts, each one of which with LODs in order to import it in Unity for a VR application. It is crucial to have the model in parts so that LODs can be used effectively in Unity for better performance (ie to load on high resolution only the parts of the model that are close to the viewer).

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Hi Anisa,

            You if you go into the Reconstruction settings, then advanced, there is an option for model import, and there you can set the maximum vertex count per part.

Hi ,

I noticed that this only makes sense if I do not want to use the existing texture at all, because the texture is damaged by  this way (as shown in the image).

However, that was very helpful.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Anisa,

                 thank you for your response, I will file this as a bug. 

As a followup question. Is it possible to export the model keeping the parts division, but without actually ending up with one fbx-file for each part? Goal is to export 1 fbx file but with a mesh containing a submesh per each part. That would help with frustum culling in Unity for example, right? 

Hi Bjor,  according to my knowledge, this is not possible.

I see. Feature request perhaps? 

My other two options would be to split it again in for example Blender, or export all 50 fbxes and import in Unity and combine somehow.  

Yes, sure, I can add it as a feature request to our database.