Exponential Height Fog Set Fog Density does not work

When i try to set the Fog density of a exponential height Fog actor the fog just vanishes.

It does not work with a timer or without. So im kinda lost. :c

How does this work?

Still unsolved :c halp

how are you currently trying to change it? post some screenshots so we can see whats up :slight_smile:
i change my height fog depending on my random weather so i might be able to help you out

Im doing exact that. Changing it while runtime.
Can you maybe tell me a simple way that should work?

i have a weather function that i call every tick that sets a Boolean for heavy med and light fog, then i have a set of variables to change the fog density and start distance.

you could also do it with a timeline, i do mine with math and variables based off my time of day setup.

if you post a screenshot of your blueprint we can help you much better as we can see what you have already setup and if you have referenced and connected everything correctly