Exponential Height Fog leaves a 'light trail' if i dont delay cinematic image capture any ideas why?

So ive got a car zooming by the camera in a foggy scene kinda like the Photoreal demo with Quixel unreal did.

One issue im having is the head lamp fog seems to leave a light trail behind the car, as if it were too slow to update or care is moving too fast.
A fix i found last night was to delay each frame in the cinematic export by 2.5 seconds but that causes all the other fx like videos etc to glitch (due to frame capture timing discrepancies caused by the 2.5s delay for the headlight fog)

Any remedies for this besides the manual capture delay ? Thought id ask here in-case somebody has experienced something simliar

I think i saw quixel go over that in their video where they talk about that video project on their youtube, they show some settings


r.VolumetricFog.TemporalReprojection 0